How to get a recording from a song recording

It’s really funny. Every musician I’ve ever known had one dream or another. But the truth is that there are really no clear ways or information available to show you how to get a contract to record a song. You are nice here alone. But I would like to try to direct you at least in the right direction so that when you get to the point where you want some free band promotion or tips and resources for writing songs, at least you will know where to turn, instead of trying to pin your tail to a donkey with your eyes closed.

The songwriters are in fact dime-a-dozen. It seems to me that everyone I know is a songwriter or would like to be. My mother even wrote a few poems on a napkin here and there, but at least she never claimed to be the author of the lyrics. She thinks she is a poet. Songwriting is a very demanding field. There are many things you need to learn before you can write a good song. Structure, rhythmic elements, not to mention the ability to find a word that rhymes with love. But all these things can be learned from different places. Online courses are everywhere and I can’t count the number of books available on the subject.

And then there are those that are natural. Those people who were just born with a talent for writing good songs. Do you know one of them? It will be the guy (or Gal) who plays the guitar and sings at parties, and when he does, everyone says “who sings it?” and of course says “I wrote it”, and everyone is absolutely blown away by it. Assuming it is early and the barrel is still full, this person is probably one of the natural ones.

But enough about it. You want to know how to get a contract to record a song, right? Well, the fact is that you can do it, but it will not be easy. First of all, you should be one of the natural ones, or you should develop to such an extent that you can counterfeit being one. Sorry, but NOT ALL SONG has the potential to be the top ten hits. I know that you can think that you’re doing it, and hey, it can be very good. But be realistic about your odds at the beginning, so you won’t be disappointed in the end.

Songwriting is an extremely competitive market. Not only do you have to worry about other songwriters beating you to the punch, but also that you are in opposition to all those who are already successful in songwriting and who already have record-breaking achievements in this area. In the music industry, it is more than ever true that “this is not what you know, but WHO you know”.

That’s why I’m going to strengthen what you’ve probably heard 1000 times before, namely, if you’re serious about your music and deserve to be serious about it, you absolutely need a representation. There are music lawyers who do nothing more than buy songs from the biggest record companies and publishers all day long. Agents are in a similar situation, they are already connected in the industry, so it is ten thousand times easier for them to get a song heard by the A&R department than it would be to try and do it on their own.

Publishing houses are an alley that an independent CAN artist use to get their music in the right hands, but all these methods are based on one key element, and this is the way to approach these people. You just need to have a professional attitude and behavior in your contacts with Nashville, LA, or New York. Wherever you are, these people are professionals, they approach them with less than professional looks and you are a toast. If you don’t remember anything else, remember about it.

Prepare your professional image materials well in advance of their need. Your Bio, and Promo package should be done and ready to send before you ever get on the phone and start connecting. Use a professional designer for your materials if you can afford it. This is a business like this or not, and it will require some investment, just like any other business where you plan to make money. If you don’t know what enters the Bio or Promo package, it only means that you’re not ready to start marketing yourself to the music industry. Find out.

You will need a music industry directory to get contact information because you will be calling many people. The policy of each of us changes every week. When they receive a certain number of submissions, they will turn off for some time just to check what they already have and then at some point they will start requesting submissions again.

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